10 Must Have Items in a MamaKit For All Pregnant Women.

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A hospital bag is one that every family should be have handy, its more important for the couples and families that are expecting a new baby soon. Expectant mothers are expected to have a preparedness plan for the time when baby is about to pop.

At a bare minimum mothers are expected to have a mama kit which includes the material that mothers use in the labour ward. Most of the things in the mama kit are single use are only for the mother and the health workers who are helping a mother in giving birth.

mamakit Teheca prepared mama bagOn top of the mama kit, mothers and couples headed to labour need a couple of items listed below.

1.Surgical gloves

Basically used by the midwives for protection and prevention of infections or any other diseases and as an expectant mother you need an average of 8 pairs gloves and they may also be used by your care giver while nursing you after birth.

2. Cotton wool

For cleaning, draining and dry the mother, the cotton wool is also used as absorbent for mothers to use to prevent further bleeding after birth

3. Surgical blades

This is meant to carry out an episiotomy  by a midwife or obstetrician during second stage of labor to quickly enlarge the opening for the baby to pass through. and for a C-section mother, it is used through surgery around  the stomach areas

4. Macintosh (Plastic mats)

For purposes of hygiene maintenances hospitals authorise mothers to carry macintosh(polythene mats) to prevent infection from the beds they lay on directly and it also acts as the delivery plastic sheet. 

5. Immunisation cards

During postpartum period and immediately the baby is born  he/she is immunized to prevent  against several diseases and for purposes of monitoring the immunization statistics immunization cards are required for record keeping, Mothers are required to have immunisations handy when they are going to the hospital.

6. Umbilical cord knot

This is used to tie the baby’s code immediately after birth.

7. Disinfectant

To prevent infections, a disinfectant is needed to prevent  germs and also used for cleaning areas where the mom has delivered from, both the bed and the room. Most commonly used disinfectant in the local hospitals and health centre is JIK.

Of course this is also for washing and cleaning the mothers garments that maybe soiled during birth.

8. Gauze

Gauze is used together with cotton while draining and dry  blood of the mother after birth. Due to the nature of cotton it may leave particles  in the  mother’s body which is harmful and to prevent it from happening gauze is wrapped around each piece of cotton before usage.

Also gauze is used in making pads that the mothers can used to pad them selves after birth to protect them from soiling bedding and panties

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9. Soap

This is usually needed for both cleaning the baby and the mother after birth.

10. Baby receivers & Baby clothes

These a smooth sheet  of cloth that are wrapped around the baby immediately after being delivered to prevent them from any risks to pneumonia and cold. 

Baby clothes are those the baby can wear while still in hospital and after births. these include the baby gloves, caps, diapers, wipes blankets and bed sheets. Ideally these clothes are meant to keep baby warm and clothed. Always carry enough of these as the they will be changes often as the baby will wet them.

11. Normal saline water(in case of a c-section)

Traditionally people have come up with a number of myths for cleaning the baby code and ensuring it dries up quickly like, using saliva, salty water and many more but for purposes of preventing infections and germs health workers encourage mothers to use saline water to clean the baby code, saline water is basically drip water.

12. Mother  clothes & beddings. Order mama kits

Because of the shock and rush that happens when a baby is about come and the pain of the contractions, many couples end up in hospital with only the clothes the expectant mother is having on, only to be left wrapped in a cold bedsheet after giving birth.

couples are encouraged to keep small suite case ready that will include at a minimum a pair of bedsheets, night ware, pyjamas, free clothes, include extra rolls of cotton wool incase of extra bleeding.

13. Baby bottle/spoon

Baby bottles are used to feed babies after birth though health professionals encourage mothers to keep them very clean to prevent babies from easy risks to infections and diseases. Expectant mothers and new mothers are expected and advised to prepare breastfeed there new babies in the 6 hours after giving birth

Teheca team has developed a prepared mama, that comes packed with a mama kit and more items that mothers need, the bag is aimed to be used to keep everything needed for welcoming a new baby together in one place as part of the preparedness plan. You can order for a prepared mama here. 

The bag is designed with a wide space to carry enough material quantity over and above the quantity found government provided Mama kit.

Order mamakit

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Expectant Mothers Expectant Mothers Expectant Mothers Expectant Mothers
Expectant Mothers Expectant Mothers Expectant Mothers Expectant Mothers
Expectant Mothers Expectant Mothers Expectant Mothers Expectant Mothers

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    1. Hello Rebecca,
      Kindly check and compare the Teheca mama kit list of items and see what you are missing.
      Our mama kit bag includes more items that those in an ordinary mama kit.
      The value pack includes
      Cotton wool 500g
      Starter gauze 2 mtrs
      Surgical gloves. 4 pairs
      Examination gloves 2 pairs
      Polythene sheets 2
      Receiving sheet. 1
      Carry sheet. 1
      Surgical blade. 1
      Cord tie 1
      Toilet soap. 1
      Immunization card. 1
      Normal saline. 1
      Starter diapers. 4

  2. Hello here I am so grateful to meet this page thank you guys I have loved this so much compared to other shops if this is all true thats very nice
    I am expecting for the very first time just 6month pregnant could you be having baby clothes,basins etc too

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