Maternity Care Services

Supportive Maternity care

We provide maternity nurses that offer expert, specialist care for the baby and mum during the first few weeks after birth in the comfort of their homes.

Invaluable Support.

We believe that every mother deserves to have access to the care and support they need during the postbirth period, and we are committed to providing personalized and compassionate care to each and every one of our patients.

Our maternity nurses are medically trained and experienced professionals who provide specialist care for mothers and babies in their own homes.

Teheca postbirth care services include;

  • Routine check-ups and assessments.
  • Assistance with breastfeeding and infant care.
  • Emotional support for mothers as they adjust to the demands of motherhood.

    We also offer postpartum depression screening and resources for mothers experiencing this common and treatable condition.

Such Invaluable support is there exactly when and where you need it to help you adjust to your new family member and establish good feeding and sleeping routines among others.

From Hospital to Home

Our nurses are with you from the time you go to the hospital for delivery all the way to home to support your speedy recovery and monitoring

Tailor-made care packages

Designed around your care needs, kind of delivery, and availability of other support. Choose a package that suits your care needs and pockets.

Important Postbirth support

The support of a friend coupled with medical experience to support you navigate the first days of childbirth.

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You’re in great company, here is what past and current parents have said about Teheca maternity care services.


    Mother of One

    Teheca nurse helped deal with my new born colic and breastfeeding challenges after I was discharged from hospital


      Business Woman & mother of one

      My business needed me and so did my child, having a Teheca nurse allowed cope with depands of a new born and a business owner


        Sister to Mother of one

        I booked the service for my sister, I could only be available for 1 day in hospital, yet she was to spend a week, Teheca nurse was exactly what she needed in my absence


          Father of one

          We received a bouncing baby girl at the peak of Covid and my wife was in isolation, working with a nurse from Teheca provided the much needed care and support to the new born while we were still in hospital, it was great support for a first time father

          Parents Supported
          Care Request Completed