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If you’re interested in a career in nursing, we have the perfect opportunity for you. We are looking for dedicated nurses who are passionate about providing personalized care to patients and their families.

We provide a comprehensive range of nursing services to our clients, including home visits, in-home care, and in-hospital bedside nursing.

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How It Works

The Teheca Nurse App

The Teheca nurse app is a platform designed to help nurses track their current and passed care jobs completed with the Teheca nurses

The platform is ultimately planned to be a place to manage tasks, payments, and bookings and also support clients by answering questions shared.

View all work assigned to you during your time with the Teheca care team

Have a 360 view of your earnings and works in one place.

Answer questions asked by mothers.

Be a resource, and share answers to questions about health and parenting asked by mothers.

Access free learning resources.

Advance your knowledge and learning with free resources from Coursera and more.