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Pre & Postnatal Days Reminders

Postnatal care is as important as antenatal care, we at Teheca want to make sure every mother receives the right postnatal care services by ensuring they attend the scheduled care days. We send timed and customised reminders to mothers reminding them to return to hospitals they gave birth from.


Using applications like SMS and USSD we help keep in touch with mothers in between postnatal visits. Through this service we are able to identify life threatening conditions in timely manner and refer conditions & complications mothers in hard to reach areas to nearest hospital and health centres. This timely referral helps to avert significant deaths of mothers and newborns. (Click the icon above to subscribe )

Prepared Mama Bag

The prepared mama is a Teheca customised bag containing all essentials needed for a safe delivery including items; surgical gloves, umbi-gel, cord ties, Cotton wool, surgical blades, mackintosh , soap, child growth card(Immunisation card). This is designed for for a (Click the icon above to order )

In-home Postnatal care

Teheca offers, personalised and dedicated in-home postnatal care services for mothers and their newborns.
Our services are ideal for families and couples that value convenience and flexibility . You can request for a qualified health worker through our android app/call us for full-time in-home care or postnatal visit. Download Teheca app on google play.

Maternal Health Education

Teheca dedicates efforts to educating mothers about maternal health through sms, social media, blogs and outreach, we seek to be the go to source for information relating to maternal health for mothers. Subscribe to our new letter for regular maternal health care tips.

Micro-cluster PNC services

Through this service Teheca team groups the mothers according to location and schedule them to visit a health worker at a selected clinic or location closest to them. This allows for accessibility to postnatal care services, building peer relationships amongst mothers.

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About Teheca.

We believe that the high mortality rate of mothers and infants  in developing countries can be reduced by increasing access to maternal health information during pregnancy and increasing uptake of postnatal care services after child birth , especially for the first time mothers.

Our origin dates back to 2015 when our mentor a leading village health care team member in Uganda passed down to us the vision for an alternative health care workforce source in Uganda, Teheca has since evolved to focus on  increasing uptake of postnatal care services for mothers not only in Uganda but the whole of sub Saharan Africa through education of mothers via mobile applications like SMS, USSD, smartphone application and social media about its importances as well as coming up with new and convenient ways for mothers to access postnatal care services.

Today Teheca is focused on providing good care for new parents by connecting new parents to nurses for in home and hospital care services after childbirth.. Are you becoming a parent soon, Book a nurse via Teheca app. DOWNLOAND our APP on Google play


To increase uptake of postnatal care services through availing useful maternal health information, products and services in order to reduce high mortality rates of mothers and infants in SubSaharan Africa while creating alternative work and income sources for health workers.. Read More 

Book a package for your hospital care

We provided packaged and customer care plans tailored to suite you care needs. if these packages don't suite you, Call us 0200902468 to discuss a custom plan.

Recommend Package


  • Dedicate in hospital Bedside Care
  • 3 Days & Nights 24 hours care plan
  • 1 Dedicated nurse reserved for you
  • Free life time online health care support*
  • Access to Teheca mama platform*
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Extended Package


  • Dedicate in hospital Bedside Care
  • 5 Days & Nights 24 hours care plan
  • 1 Dedicated nurse reserved for you
  • Free life time online health care support*
  • Access to Teheca mama platform*
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The team that does the amazing work

Namirimu Oliver

Operations Lead

Oliver with a degree in Public health & 5 years experience in Home care services is manager of the company responsible for administration and daily operations of the company

Namugambe Asha

Chief Financial Officer

Asha is a CFO at Teheca and responsible for Financial planning, management of financial risks, record keeping and financial reporting. She also is a key player in other management duties in line with Operations and Strategic thinking.

Nabagesera Mildred

Nabagesera Mildred

Health Care lead

Mildred is a Nursing Officer currently pursuing her Masters degree in Public Health from Uganda Christian University. She has been working in the Reproductive Health Arena for the past four years and now in charge of the health care department at Teheca.

Ruyonga Daniel


Daniel is a full stack software developer and is the C.T.O & Lead responsible for the development ,growth to Teheca platform and company as whole.

Join a list of happy families that have benefited from Teheca care services.

Mungudit Faith

Had everything I needed.

The mama bag was helpful, I had all my delivery and hospital items in one place and didnt need to keep sending someone to buy. My advise is to include code clumps instead of cord ties as, the tie gave me challenges. Told alot of people about it.

Mr Katerega Joseph

Be always Prepared

Am someone who always wants to be prepared and not be ambushed, so i bought for my madam so as to be prepared for and post delivery



Timely delivery

Thanks So much Team Teheca. I received my package just in tym. And u know what , in a few hrs, i delivered a bouncing baby boy.
Thanks for ur services.

Cosmas A

Establish Teheca in South Sudan

I am so impressed with this Product that I will come to Uganda to see how you can establish yourself in South Sudan

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About Teheca

To a pregnant woman and new mother, Teheca is that one stop center that provides maternal and child health care information as well as qualified & caring healthcare providers who provide physical & emotional support and postnatal care services unlike any other platform, healthcare and social system.

We believe that the high mortality rate of mothers and newborn babies in developing and underdeveloped countries can be reduced by increasing access to maternal health information during pregnancy and increasing uptake of postnatal care after child birth for mothers, especially the first time mothers. Read More

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