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What Patient Care Assistants(Bedside nurses) do For Your Patient

BedSide Nurse

The general responsibilities of a bedside nurses include various duties that deliver direct and immediate care to whichever patient the nurse is currently assigned to.

Teheca is the leading patient care firm in Uganda established back in 2015 focusing on providing not only bedside nursing but also full patient care services from both hospitals and patients home who are under long term care.

The company also introduced the postnatal care services that were targeted toward promoting maternal health in Uganda. Under this section of services, the team of qualified health workers is assigned to a new mother so as to provide the much needed support during the post natal care period. 

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We believe that youth mother can become emotionally & physically stronger, raise healthy babies, get faster recovery after normal or Cesarean birth if they can get access to skilled care assistant & maternal health pharmaceuticals.

Our services must not only help new mothers in their noble quest to bring up healthier babies but also patients recovering from ailments.


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Some of the duties a bedside nurse may be accountable for include:

  • Assessing the patient’s general health status
  • Identifying nursing needs of the patient
  • Assisting the patient with moving and maintaining proper body alignment
  • Helping the patient use appropriate body mechanics
  • Taking vital signs
  • Accurately recording vital signs
  • Observing and responding to the patient’s emotional and spiritual needs
  • Preparing the patient for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
  • Assisting physicians with diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
  • Observing signs and symptoms a patient is experiencing
  • Starting corrective action when needed, and recording information into the patient’s chart
  • Acting as a connection between the patient and other hospital personnel
  • Interpreting information to the patient and his/her family in order to promote successful therapy and rehabilitation


Bedside nursing is one of the most basic forms of nursing, but it is also one of the most important forms, too. These nurses are ensuring that a patient’s basic needs are being tended to so that the patient can recover as much as possible without further deterioration.

Sometimes, however, a patient’s condition will inevitably get worse. Therefore, it is part of the bedside nurse’s responsibility to make sure that the patient’s emotional needs are met so that they can experience as much care and comfort that they deserve.

Additionally, bedside nurses are oftentimes either recruited to or volunteered for many other health-related roles because of their expansive hands-on experience with patients.

Some of these roles include being an assistant to physicians in the OR or in private practice, being a procedural specialist, assisting with public health screenings and education, and getting involved in case management.

This simply goes to show how many potential opportunities a bedside nurse can be offered.


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