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Up Accelerate is the Ugandan brand of the UNFPA Innovation Accelerator, an initiative of the UNFPA Regional Office for East and Southern Africa that seeks to accelerate youth-led social enterprises focusing on Sexual and Reproductive Health.

From the first cycle Teheca team came out victorious being the among the first four teams to participate in the acceleration program that was facilitated by Outbox incubation hub in Uganda.

From the four month program that ran from February to May with an extension of month of June,  The team was able to develop Teheca app a web, mobile and SMS platform that provides an alternative source of timely health care workforce for the youth and new mothers.

The app that is in Public Beta stage enable ones to easily find a qualified health worker for themselves or a loved based on the users location and care needs.

Teheca also won seed finding of up to over $10000 USD to foster development, customer acquisition activities and developing a business plan so to build a sustainable social enterprise.


Download Teheca app here


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