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Teheca app is a mobile platform that aims at providing access to alternative source of health care to the youth and new mothers by creating access to caring and qualified health workers.

Uberizing health care

Teheca android app, aimed at providing access to youth friendly sexual reproductive health services.

The platform that runs on Android, web and SMS will ensure that the challenge faced but he youth are easily circumnavigated by ensuring a safe and youth friendly online environment, Through the platform the youth in Uganda are able to access sexual reproductive health information through the many articles that are posted there, they will be able to find qualified personnel that can advise them on prevention and protection against sexually transmitted disease and unplanned pregnancies and for those that have given birth, they will be able to find qualified personnel that will care for them during the postnatal care period as well and provide physical and emotional support not forgetting the much need baby best care practices.


Teheca platform is currently in the Beta stage with the app currently providing care assistants for the new mothers.

How the app works

For those using Smart phones, after downloading the app from the play store and installing it onto your phone, The app will determine your location and show on a google map the closest qualified care assistants from which the user can select and view their profiles to see who best suites their care needs.

After choosing the profile of the health worker that you need, you make a request to them, the health worker will be notified and with the help of Teheca team, they will come to you, either in the hospital or at your home.

For use with feature phones, they process is simple as send and sms to 0705720751 with a key word care, the system will ask for your location after help you contact the closet care assistant you.

Providing Access to youth Friendly Sexual Reproductive health services.

Letisha, Felix and Andrew

Whats next in implementation 

Teheca team looking at the large number of the youth in Uganda alone, have tasked them selves with extending the Teheca  platform to provide access to the counselor, peer educators, social workers and nurses who the youth on the platform can consult for free via the app on issues that of interest to them inl

ine with Sexual Reproductive Health, HIV, contraceptives and general health care information.

The platform shall include private and group chats for the youth moderated a Sexual Reproductive Health specialists and managed by peer educators for the youth to engage in information sharing and easy consultation about their SRH issues.

The app shall also provide FAQ and self help sections from which anyone can easily find information that they need.

An interactive SMS system and Messenger chat bot are also some of the tools the team a Teheca is looking to provide for the youth to use in accessing information that they.

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