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It was late last year, I was about 7months pregnant, i was in the expecting mothers group, at that stage I had become so weak that I couldn’t wash my clothes, do house work by myself and my appetite hard increased to a bigger extent, with all those changes I was all by myself and struggling to meet all my anxieties, at some point I got complications which almost damaged my baby because there was a lot to handle yet I was alone.

A few months later I gave birth but this time round the situation just worsened. I gave birth normally but I was stitched with all the pain and weakness I had, my family members helped me handle the baby care taking for a week then all  was left for me to handle .

Life just became so hard for me in such a way that I hadn’t healed enough to wash clothes, cook, handle house work and handle baby too.

I still had to handle all that, because who would help me anyways? With all those struggles I went through it took me a long period of time to heal and also developed a back problem that completely torturers me, up to today, it’s been a year now but at some point it even worsens that I fail to handle anything , still I was tortured psychologically I hated myself and the baby with all wishes of “I wish I never gave birth” yet

giving birth and having a baby is one of the best and joyful experiences every woman would wish to experience .

In Uganda today several women go through such problems and some worse all because there family members are too busy to help or they are all by themselves and their partner are also busy working and looking for what to eat so that the mother and baby don’t starve, leaving  the mother and baby or expecting mothers abandoned.

A lot of women have developed several complications like;  Pre mature birth, botched surgery complications, painful breastfeeding, your sore, ‘not so fun body changes in the 1st week e.g. swelling, hemorrhoids or stitches after virginal tear or C-section and permanent back aches.

Their babies have also developed complications like hernia, constant fever and vomiting, colds, crying challenges 27% of mums struggle with baby crying issues than anything else, skin problem like diaper rush and so on all because mothers are still so delicate and have a lot to handle alone thus getting too exhausted to handle good baby health.

On the other hand new mothers are deprived of sleep and also filled with conflicting loyalties between choosing to stay home caring for the baby or get back to work and earn an extra income on top of thinking about who would be the best person to keep the baby.

There is hope for the future to save our dear mothers, babies and expecting mothers from all those complications.The rise of patient care firms that offer patient care assistant and personal care assistants that help families deal with complicated health situations like nursing terminally ill patients, expecting mothers, bedside nursing and a lot, more. This is the new hope for expecting mothers.

Teheca is one of leading patient care firm providing well trained professional  & compassionate patient care assistants/care takers that handle all necessary activities to keep mothers, baby and expecting mother in good health.
Activities carried out by the patient care assistant/care taker are;

  • Maintain mother’s and baby’s hygiene.
  • Ensure the baby is worm and comfortable.
  • Massages mother’s stomach to get back in shape.
  • Assist with lifting and washing.
  • Help to prepare healthy meals for the mother.
  • Companionship


Don’t leave you loved ones unattended too hire a care take/patient care assistant from Teheca.

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