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Human Resource is the greatest asset of any company, a lot of investment is put into hiring, training and maintaining top employees at a company. However there comes a time that, no matter what you do, this great employee has to either leave or take a couple of days off.

Depending on the time or season of the business, this can greatly affect the operations of the company and lead to financial loss among other issues.

Why do you have to quit? why do you decide to take leave at this time? Can you wait till after [insert season] season?

Sometimes its above the employee’s control, that sick mother, father, sister, brother or child can not be left alone in the hospital, with no one by their bedside. So just like that the company is  left in  conundrum to deal with a replacement.

Here are 4 how Caring for  sick loved ones affects a Company’s Human Resource.

  1. Absenteeism.

    Apologies, Sir or Madam, i will not be able to come to work today because my mother has been admitted and am  to look after her….well HRM you have received these emails before.

    Due the culture in our society, we still bend towards relative looking after a loved ones even if this person is not the right option, some patients require more care than the person can offer.

    What does this mean for the company, your one man down , this could be a vital team member or a key player in the next step of a mega deal.

  2. Lack of concentration.

    If the employee has to keep running back and forth between hospital and work, or probably he/she was the one who spent the night at the hospital, you don’t expect them to be on top of there game the next day while at work, this can lead to reduction in productivity and efficiency of the employee and the company.

  3. Heightened Stress.

    The longer the employee has the patient under their care, the more stress that keeps growing, this can be due to many factors; the patient themselves, expenses, pressure from not seeing results with the patient, fear of loss of the sick loved ones and so many others.

    Stress in work environment can not only lead to poor productivity but my result into hostility of the employee, of course injuries and the list goes on and on.

  4. Financial shortages.

    Medical bills grow by the day as long as your patient is admitted in any hospital especially the private hospitals. These bills sometime have to be footed by your dear employees, this can greatly lower their financial stand, the used to be enough salary is now not even close to solving the employees needs.

    What next, salary rise request, or search for greener pastures if the request is not granted, after all the investments the company has put in, the employee is out of the door, then the company is back to zero to find a replacement. Human Resource of a company is very important and all companies should and do fight to maintain it.


We have been there when a care taker for a patient doesn’t have the slightest knowledge on how to deal with a given patient but because you don’t want to come off like you don’t love the patient, so you volunteer to look after the patient, only to worsen the situation, paid care services sometime and most of the times are a better option. Give them a try.

Teheca is  a leading patient and elderly care firm in Uganda, offering professional, compassionate and caring patient care assistant and personal care aides for the sick, elderly and special needs individuals.

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