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Patient care assistants are professional individual that are well trained and equipped to deal with the challenging tasks of handling patients that maybe dealing with  a terminal illness or require special care more than an ordinary individual can provide.

Meet the team at TEHECA and many more patient care assistant and personal care Aides

Meet the team at TEHECA and many more patient care assistant and personal care Aides

They perform a number of tasks such as taking vital signs, assisting with daily living activities, observing patients and charting changes in their health or behavior, escorting patients and obtaining lab specimens, they may work in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics or other health care settings.

Personal Care AidesPatient care assistants Care usually responsible for providing support services to meet patients’ needs which can include catering  and transferring patients internally within hospital or health care environment.


• Cleaning patients environment.
• Assist with lifting, turning and repositioning patients
• Making beds and organising the patients space
• Providing equipment to ward/bed areas e.g. intravenous poles
• Transport patients
• Feeding
• Hygiene e.g. bathing, brushing
• Low impact exercising

Teheca PCAs work as a team with excellent communication skills and work under supervision and highly maintain patient confidentiality with a friendly and care approach. PCAs at Teheca work in shifts so as to deliver the best patient centred care

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About Teheca

To a pregnant woman and new mother, Teheca is that one stop center that provides maternal and child health care information as well as qualified & caring healthcare providers who provide physical & emotional support and postnatal care services unlike any other platform, healthcare and social system.

We believe that the high mortality rate of mothers and newborn babies in developing and underdeveloped countries can be reduced by increasing access to maternal health information during pregnancy and increasing uptake of postnatal care after child birth for mothers, especially the first time mothers. Read More

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