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Teheca team is set to spend the next three weeks from March 18th 2018 to April 7th 2018 in Lagos at the ImpactHub participating in the Google Developer LaunchPad Africa first class.

The Launchpad Africa team was very impressed with your company and we’re excited to partner with you to help you scale and reach your goals.

Teheca is a health Tech patient care startup in Uganda that focuses on creating an alternative source of timely health care workforce for the Uganda community by enabling  families and individual easily  search, find and request for qualified patient care assistant for the sick  and new mothers through her  mobile app(Teheca app).

Google Developer LaunchPad Africa.   is an acceleration program that matches top African startups with the best of Google – its people, network, and advanced technologies – to help build great products.

As Teheca we are very thrilled and excited to be selected among Africa’s best and promising startup to participate in the acceleration program and are looking forward to get impacted and learn how we can be able to improve our products(The prepared mama), services(Patient and Postnatal care) and set up in other African countries as we strive to improve the health care sector of Uganda, East Africa and Africa as a whole.

As you read this the team is already in Lagos at the Impact Hub from where the mentorship and bootcamp session shall be carried, the team while at the accelerator program will also be immersed  into the startup ecosystem of Lagos to learn how the different startups in Nigeria have been able to grow and scale as well as tract investors.

Having participated, won and completed the first ever  UpAccelerate program that was organised by UNFPA that helped the startup develop and  launch their mobile app platform and post natal care services on the Ugandan market, the team is now set to grow and scale to the rest of East Africa after realising the success of companies services and product on the Uganda market.

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In the pictures.

Asha at the launchpad

Daniel and Asha Teheca C.E.O Ruyonga Daniel Namugambe Asha , Co-Founder and CFO Teheca

Startups at the Google Developer LaunchPad Africa

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