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Teheca Qualifies for Orient Bank Business Academy

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Probably you have heard  radio adverts about the Orient Bank Business Academy that was announced by Orient Bank to help provide Micro and Small Enterprises with business management training and financial support to enable them grow and contribute to Uganda’s job creation and economic development.

Teheca didn’t let this opportunity pass us by, we always take every opportunity seriously and give it our best, this time we gave our best and succeeded, we were chosen among the many Micro and Small enterprises to take part in the Academy. Thanks to our very own managing director Ms Namugambe Asha who is representing us. She battled through the interviews and she came out victorious and we are all very excited and pleased for this great achievement for both her and Teheca. We look forward to implementation of every single skill she gets from the academy.

Three Things You Might Not know About the Orient Bank Business Academy.

So i have told you the good news about Teheca successfully qualifying for the one of a kind academy but you probably don’t know much about it.  Here are 3 things that you might not know about the Orient Bank business Academy.

  1. Participation

    The academy admitted between 20 to 30 Micro and Small enterprises in Uganda and it is ran in partnership with Makerere University business School Entrepreneurship center.Applications to the Orient Business Academy ran from 5th to 23rd September at any Orient Bank branch in Kampala and Wakiso, your probably late to apply, this the academy applications closed and it already started as of 22nd October 2016 with orientation, but keep your ear out for the next one.

    Sessions will ran every Saturday for the next 5 months with the graduation expected within March, our MD Asha  cant wait to learn everything there is and come out top of the class.By the way our MD Asha, might be the youngest participant at the academy, yet to prove this.

  2. Rewards

    Up to 30 million shillings in business growth funding available for businesses with a good business plan and growth strategy. So folks, pull out those business plans and polish up on them because your about to get a big push to the future.

    Although Uganda has the highest levels of entrepreneurship in the world, it also has one of the highest business failure rates with most business start-ups dying within 5 years. noted Orient Bank MD, Julius Kakeeto during the launch of the academy back in September.

    Shortage of funding is one of the most lamented about issues by the startups and business founders that i have interacted with, I personally have faced this Godzilla while starting up Teheca

  3. Future

    Promise of the academy being a continuous thing is being hinted upon, with more intake expected, as the seen from the high number of applications that were received this first time. So you business owner out there, prepare your self and you could be the participant in the next academy.


If you missed one on this opportunity to join the Orient Bank Business Academy, be sure to catch the next one and subscribe to our accounts to keep updated with business tips that come from the academy

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A bit about Teheca

Teheca is a patient care assistant firm that was established with the main goal, to provide caring ,compassionate and highly qualified professional personal care aides and patient care assistants to our clients. so if you or your loved ones needs a care taker, call us + 256703468558, or email: info@tenderheartscareug.com

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