• 5 Ways to Rekindle Love in Your Relationship After Child Birth

    5 Ways to Rekindle Love in Your Relationship After Child Birth

    Some couples choose to have a baby to celebrate their stability or to strengthen their relationship. They think that a baby will bring them closer together, and that life after childbirth will be a time of tenderness, intimacy, and maturity. However, having a baby is a stressful experience that challenges even the best of relationships. First-time parents face role changes, lifestyle adjustments, and financial difficulties. Experienced parents have additional demands from their previous children. More couples today are seeking relationship counseling after having a baby than ever before. This does not necessarily mean that the stresses are greater now than

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  • 10 Items In  Hospital Bag For Pregnant Mothers.

    10 Items In Hospital Bag For Pregnant Mothers.

    A hospital bag is one that every family should behave handy, it’s more important for couples and families that are expecting a new baby soon. Expectant mothers are expected to have a preparedness plan for the time when the baby is about to pop. At a bare minimum mothers are expected to have a mama kit which includes the material that mothers use in the labor ward. Most of the things in the mama kit are single-use and are only for the mother and the health workers who are helping a mother in giving birth. On top of the mama

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  • Colic Relief Tips for Parents

    Colic Relief Tips for Parents

    If the crying does not stop but intensifies and persists throughout the day or night, it may be caused by colic.  About one-fifth of all babies develop colic, usually between the second and fourth weeks.

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  • Foods To Avoid During Post-Delivery

    A mother’s responsibility does not end with childbirth. After delivery, she breastfeeds and takes care of the baby.

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  • 5 Steps To Look Like The SuperMom You Are

    5 Steps To Look Like The SuperMom You Are

    looking fatigued. Skincare after delivery is important. Follow this 5 step quick daily regime for your skin and hair to continue looking like a Supermom

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  • What You Need to Know About Antenatal Care

    Antenatal care is the care you get from health professionals during your pregnancy.

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  • 4 Lessons From Teheca Wellness Class

    A few weeks ago, Teheca in collaboration with Le Memorial hospital organized a physical wellness class for both expectant partners and nursing mothers.

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  • How to Return to Work After Taking Parental Leave

    Returning to work after being home with a new baby is “a transition that’s like no other

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  • Can You Drink Alcohol While Breastfeeding?

    Like many new moms, you may wonder if it’s okay to drink alcohol while breastfeeding your little one.

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  • Choosing The Right Diaper for Baby

    Before finding the right diaper brand for your baby, you’ll probably have spent a fortune on baby diapers only to end up with an irritable, uncomfortable, and fussy baby with each try.

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