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  • 5 Ways to Increase Chances of a Safe Delivery for Mothers[Part 1]

    World over, mothers and newborns register high rates of deaths especially during  child labour ,delivery or within the days that follow. A wide range of definition has been used to describe a safe delivery; from a delivery that is conducted either in a health institution or home assisted by a trained health professional to a delivery that is free from injuries and /or death Depending on the span of experience, the definition may vary, for instance,a frontline health care provider, who spends every single day of their lives  saving lives and encountering different challenges involved in the process may offer

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  • Teheca Qualifies for Orient Bank Business Academy

    Teheca Qualifies for Orient Bank Business Academy

    Probably you have¬†heard ¬†radio adverts about the Orient Bank Business Academy that was announced by Orient Bank to help provide Micro and Small Enterprises with business management training and financial support to enable them grow and contribute to Uganda‚Äôs job creation and economic development. Teheca didn’t let this opportunity pass us by, we always take every opportunity seriously and give it our best, this time we gave our best and succeeded, we were chosen among the many Micro and Small enterprises to take part in the Academy. Thanks to our very own managing director Ms Namugambe Asha who is representing

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  • Special Needs Care services by Teheca

    Special Needs Care services by Teheca

    Special Needs Care services by Teheca “Special Needs” is an umbrella underneath which a staggering array of diagnoses can be wedged. Children with special needs may have mild learning disabilities or profound cognitive impairment; food allergies or terminal illness; developmental delays that catch up quickly or remain entrenched; occasional panic attacks or serious psychiatric problems The designation is useful for getting needed services, setting appropriate goals, and gaining understanding for a child and stressed family. Special need children are not just interesting medical problems, subjects of grants and research. Nor should they be called burdens to their families and communities.

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