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I couldn’t wait to share the good news with my favorite people, in the past few days I caught a cold and a very serious nasal congestion that I resorted to breathing through my mouth but you will all agree with me it’s kind of a bother, so in the middle of a sleepless night I remembered something I had come across on the internet-the onion.

I cut it open and placed it in the corner of my bed and it has done wonders  for me  in the past few days; I have slept comfortably, thanks to my new best friend the onion.

If you’ve ever chopped a raw onion, you know that the plump bulb has more than just a pungent aroma. Though it is annoying to fight back tears when you’re trying to cook, the chemical properties of onions make them the perfect home remedy for stuffy sinuses.

You may have to contact your physician incase  the nasal congestion lasts for more than two weeks.

Cause of congested nose.

When you come in contact with an allergen such as dust, pollen or animal dander, your immune system releases chemicals called histamines that make your nose swell and run.

Infections can also cause nasal inflammation and irritation. Onions contain a chemical compound called quercetin that has antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties. Consequently, raw onion can help to clear congested sinuses.

How an onion helps

  • Simply chopping up a few raw onions may be enough to clear your sinuses. Since heat and steam are other home remedies for congestion, you may want to add chunks of raw onion to hot broth. Sip the broth in a cup to bring the steam and onion close to your nose. You don’t have to actually eat raw onion to benefit from its antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Cut the bulb into halves and keep them in the corner of your bed as you going to sleep I can assure you of a clear breath throughout the night, it doesn’t matter how stubborn the congestions are.

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