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Fathers! Here is One Guaranteed Way to Daddy Status

Lets admit it, anyone can be a father but it takes much more for one to be called daddy, at bear minimum to get the daddy status, you have to be present in both the baby’s and mothers life.

For most times fathers struggle with ways of participating in the after birth period, hence leaving their wives to handle all the work load that comes with a new baby, yes its a work load, one that most people  are happy to carry.

At Teheca we have been trying to figure out how to best involve the fathers in the after birth period, so as to ensure that we have happy and health babies and mothers after the first 6 weeks, which are considered one of the most critical stages of maternal health.

The postnatal period is a critical phase in the lives of mothers and newborn babies. Most maternal and infant deaths occur during this time. Yet, this is the most neglected period for the provision of quality care. according  World health organisation

We believe that the involvement of fathers in this stages not only benefits the mother and baby but also a great deal for the man, during this stage you get to learn about the different changes that the mother is undergoing and also get to participate in the child and mother health days.

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For most men the thought of queuing in the hospitals waiting to access the health workers seems a bit to much for them to handle and hence neglect the mothers to deal with the hustle of ensuring the baby gets all the recommended checkups and immunisations.

If the mother is focused on the baby’s health and wellbeing  who is taking of the mother, your participation as the father  of the baby in caring for the mother is what earns you the daddy status.

This is your secret. Mothers tend to neglect themselves during after birth stage an put the the focus on their babies, but we all know, that the health of the baby will greatly depend on the health of the mother, and this is where you as the father gets to step up and care for you woman and in turn you get your self the daddy status.

At Teheca we have created a new mother care package that fathers can get for the mothers during the first six weeks of birth to ensure the mothers gets all the care she needs and health checkups she deserves while in the comfort of home.

  • 6 in home visits by a health worker to conduct checkups on both the mother and baby
  • 1 prepared  mama bag(containing all items mothers need for a safe delivery )
  • 6 weeks worth of free consultation with our health worker via phone and online
  • 6 weeks of maternal health care tips for mother, baby and daddy via our platform
  • Lifetime access to our Teheca mama groups and community.
    The cost  350,000/= Ugx.

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