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Caring for our loved ones should not change our routines

I remember one day I fell sick years back, unfortunately had to leave my university hostel because it was so serious that I could barely walk and didn’t have some caring for me at the time while at hostel.

I was picked up by my big sister and I stayed at her house for a few hours.  She had a job interview the following day so she could not commit herself to being there for me in such a state. The only alternative I was left with was my mother so later that evening they transferred me to our home.

My mother is like many working mothers in the country trying so hard to make both ends meet working as community health worker and I must say my returning home that evening must have been one of the hardest encounters she had ever experienced.

The whole family gathered to come up with a solution on who to will stay at home to watch over me as everyone seemed not up to giving up their routines not even for a day. while I lay on my mother’s laps and honestly that night we went to sleep without a proper plan for the following day.

In the morning I got up quite early but I could smell my mother’s worries who had woken up two hours earlier to prepare a warm bath for me and breakfast before I swallowed my pills. I assured my mom that she could go to work I will be fine, yeah right she went to work.
She came checked on me during her lunch break but managed to let one of our neighbors that i was unwell and alone in the house.what transpired later that later day was not good.

Later on, I got this intense fever and as I was trying to reach out for my phone to call mum I landed on the floor and that’s the last thing I remember, I had passed out and woke up in hospital. If it wasn’t for our mindful neighbor maybe I wouldn’t have survived to tell this story today. The rest of the days my mum had to stay in hospital for a week and even the following days after being discharged she stayed at home to watch me recover.    

Imagine a whole month of leaving work to take care of the people we love.Yeah, its what you thought…sweet bitter situation. Its beautiful to care but it shouldn’t change our routines, affect our sources of income, or even be a pain.

Its because of these kind of situation and story that Teheca draws its inspiration and goals to provide compassionate, caring and professional patient care assistant and personal care aides to take care of your sick, elderly and special needs loved ones.

Are you out there and you have been in the same situation like Asha or have had to lose a lot just because you are kind enough to care for others. Send to us your story  and we shall publish them on our website, nature your writing skills and publish with us, send us a photo alongside.

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