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4 Lessons From Teheca Wellness Class

Wellness is the act of practising healthy daily habits to attain better physical and mental health. There are various types of wellness including; financial wellness, emotional wellness, health wellness, etc.

We would be focusing on health wellness and how it benefits mothers in this article.

A few weeks ago, Teheca in collaboration with Le Memorial hospital organized a physical wellness class for both expectant partners and nursing mothers.

We had a nutritionist, midwife, yoga instructor, and gynaecologist take turns to inform and lecture on various topics concerning the wellness of mothers and their babies.

Well, if you missed it, I can assure you this article doesn’t quite cover all of what was discussed and of course, the physical illustrations carried out. To make sure you never miss out on any future events follow our social media channels to stay updated TwitterInstagram , Facebook  or better still signup here to be informed when the next class will be

This wellness class was designed to educate us about the various aspects of health and fitness. During the class, we were informed about the components that go into being healthy as a mother including nutrition, mental health, and the different types of exercises a mother can engage in as well as their benefits.


“Nutritionist Specialist and Dietarian Bertha Tendo” informed us of how our choices of food affect our wellness and various food choices to eat before, during, and after birth. Eating a healthy balanced diet will help you feel good and provide everything you and your baby need, the food you eat is your baby’s main source of nourishment so it’s critical to get all the nutrients you need. So, make sure you’re eating a balanced and nutritious diet during pregnancy so you and your baby can be as healthy as possible, include whole nourishing foods, and limit your intake of processed food especially fast foods. 

Nutritionist Betrha Tendo conducting a session on Nutrition during the Wellness Calls

Aside from having a healthy diet and eating well, Bertha advised drinking plenty of water however, there’s always a general rule as to the amount one should take. She advised getting one’s weight in kgs and dividing it by 30 days to get the rightful amount in litres that is sufficient for you.  As well as taking prenatal or postnatal vitamins because it is difficult to get all required and sufficient amounts of nutrients from food alone.

Exercising and Yoga

Besides eating a nutrition-focused diet, Exercising during and after pregnancy can help you manage your health and de-stress. Choose activities that you are comfortable with and enjoy for example walking, light jogging, swimming, and stretching, avoid extreme and strenuous exercises. We were advised to always adopt Parental yoga to take control of our emotions in order for the fetus to be emotionally fit, and also simply daily in-depth breathing practices.

Don’t forget to keep hydrating by taking in lots of fluids especially and essentially drink plenty of water while carrying out these activities.

Resting and having enough sleep are vital when it comes to wellness, make sure you are getting enough rest and sleep to help your body function properly. 

Yoga Session during Teheca wellness Class

Baby care and Self-hygiene

How we care for our body and our baby is really important, hygiene differs to different people, practicing good and healthy hygiene can prevent health issues for both mother and the baby. 

Gertrude a midwife from Le Memorial Hospital advised on how to create a personal hygiene routine. We were taught how to hold the baby while breastfeeding, breastfeeding positions can improve the baby’s eating habits, also how to clean up after birth and having the essentials you need for the hospital and when you bring your baby back home. 

Having a newborn can be challenging and tiring for parents, try to cherish these moments with your baby and also utilize support during this time. You can always book a nurse on the Teheca App to assist you with caring for your baby if you cannot get immediate assistance from family or friends.


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Antenatal is related to the medical care of expectant mothers. Attending all antenatal care check-ups will help your doctor carefully monitor you and your growing baby throughout your pregnancy. It also gives you the opportunity to ask your doctor any concerns you might have about your pregnancy.

Dr Beatrice Namaganda a gynaecologist, reiterated the importance of antenatal visits as this helps establish whether your pregnancy is viable or not. She went further to say that there are underlying issues and conditions that can be discovered upon visiting a health facility for antenatal classes.

Mothers were advised to never miss their antenatal care classes when expecting a baby. 

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