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How do You Care for a Loved One Who Lives Far Away?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Living far away from a loved one can complicate many things, not the least of which is their daily care. If you live in a different city or state from your aging parents as the miles expand so do your worries. You must try to understand their health and day-to-day needs from a distance. It’s […]

Faith, Family and Hard work Most Valued by Ugandan Youth

Reading Time: < 1 minute From the Uganda Youth Survey Report conducted by the Aghan University, despite the high level of unemployment among the youth in Uganda,   they are willing to be part of the solution by creating jobs through entrepreneurship. The study also reveals that many hold beliefs that make them vulnerable to corruption and political manipulation and that […]

Caring for our loved ones should not change our routines

Reading Time: 2 minutes Caring for our loved ones should not change our routines I remember one day I fell sick years back, unfortunately had to leave my university hostel because it was so serious that I could barely walk and didn’t have some caring for me at the time while at hostel. I was picked up by my […]

Why you need a patient care assistant or personal care aide

Reading Time: < 1 minute  Patient care assistant or personal care aide, why you need one Coordinate your care Palliative care teams are extremely good communicators. They put great importance on communication between you, your family and your doctors in order to ensure that your needs are fully met. These include establishing goals for your care, help with decision-making and […]

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