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Teheca Care Services

For sick loved ones and new mothers

Also know as Bedside nursing, we connect you to qualified nurses, for in home checkups, dedicated in home and hospital bedside care.

Our nurses assist patients with administering medications, taking vitals, supporting with daily living activities and providing information among many other activities all aimed at physical and emotional support to a patient and the family.

Teheca care services.

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Prepare Mama Bag

Order Today, Receive it Today any where in Uganda

The prepared mama bag for only Ugx 135,000 ($37), is a customised and customizable mama kit that contains items that a mother needs both in and out of the hospital to help facilitate a clean and safe delivery.

The bag includes;
1 Cotton wool 500mg,1 Gauze sheets, 4 pairs of surgical gloves, 2 pairs of examination gloves, 1 Pair maternity pads, 1 cord tie, 1 surgical blade, 1 baby receiver, 1 carry sheet, 2 polythene, 1 saline, 1 Immunisation card, 4 small size starter baby pampers , 1 soap, 1 baby bag

Teheca Moms Value Kit

Low cost prepared mama bag

Containing all items inside the main bag with a different packaging,

UGX 75000/=

Teheca Postnatal Care Package

Recommended care plan

Get 3 days and 3 nights dedicated in hospital care support from a qualified Teheca care team member.

UGX 350,000/=
Download Teheca app todayFor all your parenting needs, download Teheca app

Discover a new way of accessing parenting support through out the maternity journey.

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