In-Home & In-Hospital Care

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Professional nurses trained to offer the best level of care to patients in all conditions & of all ages.

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Care packages for home or hospital customized to your needs, number of days, and type of condition.

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You get more than a nurse, it’s a whole team of support ensuring that you receive the best level of care.

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Get started with acquiring a Teheca nurse according to your needs, and care requirements.

Condition-led Care

Our carefully selected, trained, and experienced specialist nurses have the skills and experience required to meet our patient’s clinical and personal needs.

We work closely with each client and their family to identify their individual needs, preferences, and goals. We use this information to create a bespoke service including client-specific training and a comprehensive, personalized care and support plan.

We recruit and build care teams specifically for each family we work with, based on things like location, previous experience, and whether we feel they will be a good fit for our client and their family. This extra work we put in can take time, but we believe that it provides a better chance of a successful and sustainable, long-term package of care and building a good relationship with our client families.  

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