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  • Emotional Care After A Cesarean Birth For Mothers

    As much as there is need for physical care for mothers after birth, special attention has to be paid to the emotional care for mother, today we give your tips on emotional care for mothers after cesarean birth Emotional Care After A Cesarean: Take additional time daily to sit and bond with your baby If you are having a hard time with breastfeeding after the cesarean delivery, contact a lactation consultant for direction and support. Understand that you might need to take time to decompress emotionally after the surgery, especially if the procedure involved an emergency. To help deal with any negative

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  • 5 Ways to Increase Chances of a Safe Delivery for Mothers[Part 1]

    World over, mothers and newborns register high rates of deaths especially during  child labour ,delivery or within the days that follow. A wide range of definition has been used to describe a safe delivery; from a delivery that is conducted either in a health institution or home assisted by a trained health professional to a delivery that is free from injuries and /or death Depending on the span of experience, the definition may vary, for instance,a frontline health care provider, who spends every single day of their lives  saving lives and encountering different challenges involved in the process may offer

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  • Outbox Incubation Hub

    Outbox is an incubation hub in Uganda that  helps new and upcoming African entrepreneurs interested in using technology to build high growth companies with workspace, mentorship, and training programs. Through its partnerships, it help them raise money for their ventures and access markets. It also work with students, developers, researchers and organizations to build inclusive communities that entrepreneurs can tap into for talent and collaboration. Outbox was the implementor of the Up Accelerate a UNFPA initiative and conducted the four month acceleration program which Teheca was part of. The team from Outbox together with its partners conducted bootcamp sessions that help the incubated

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  • The Mental Health of Teenage Mothers Matters

    The Mental Health of Teenage Mothers Matters

    Teenage mothers face plenty of challenges, from dealing with the shame and stigma of an unplanned pregnancy to finishing school and finding employment. But many must also deal with the challenges of mental illness. Researchers have found that twice as many teen moms are at risk of developing postpartum depression (PPD) as their older counterparts. And nearly three times as many teens with mental illness get pregnant as adolescents without a disorder. Related: Need For Care Assistant for New Mother “While it is important to recognise the many challenges faced by young mothers and their children, it is essential that the

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