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Teheca provides an avenue for nurses who would like to work outside the hospital and clinic setting  or who want to make an extra income with an affordable avenue to do so.

We understand that becoming self employed in the health care sector unlike other sectors is capital intensive and most nurses cannot be able to do on their day to day take home salary  on top of the big percentage not having a salary to take home at all

Teheca  provides you a platform offer your nursing  services to much in need mothers, new parents and families, we handle all the requirements needed for you to be the best at what you were trained for and do best, nursing.

As a Teheca care team member we connect you with patients, expectant  and new mothers,  within your vicinity to provide them with home visits and/or dedicated in hospital bedside care.

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About Teheca

To a pregnant woman and new mother, Teheca is that one stop center that provides maternal and child health care information as well as qualified & caring healthcare providers who provide physical & emotional support and postnatal care services unlike any other platform, healthcare and social system.

We believe that the high mortality rate of mothers and newborn babies in developing and underdeveloped countries can be reduced by increasing access to maternal health information during pregnancy and increasing uptake of postnatal care after child birth for mothers, especially the first time mothers. Read More

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