Aging Friendly Care Services

Regular Health Checkups for Aging Parents

Give your aging parents routing in-home health care assessments that result in good health care practices that foster timely complication identification and adherence to medical guidelines and healthier living.

What Is Included


Teheca’s aging-friendly services are designed to reduce the challenges of providing consistent and timely health interventions for your aging loved one.

Physical Examinations

Checks and monitor the health status of your loved ones.Through conversation and recording of physical vitals to identify anomalies in time.

Wellness Checkups

Review of joints, skin, pains, and more that would otherwise go unmentioned in regular hospital visits.

Better Medical Records

Receive regular updates about the health status of your loved ones as well as up-to-date records for their next hospital visit.

What Will the Nurse Do?


Every in-home check-up by our nurse for your loved one will include the following assessments and a report shared with you including our care team’s general review and recommendations.

Physical Assessment

This will include the measurement of general body vitals including temperature, blood pressure, pulse, respiration, skin, and injuries. Any other reviews are to be conducted on a requested basis.

Pain Assessment

Aging comes with various pains all over the body from back pains, to joints, and others, at every checkup our nurses will conduct pain assessments to ensure timely management before they are fatal.

Medication review and refills

Our aging parents are on regular medication, during the visit, the nurse will review their prescriptions, assess side effects, and ensure they are refilled accordingly.

General Wellness Assessment

Through discussions and conversations with the aging parent, more information about the general well-being of the person can be assessed and interventions provided.


Our Care Plans

Designed to give your loved ones the best attention and care for you and your loved ones.

Each visit includes all the above-mentioned checks

One Time Checkup

UGX 100,000

Per Visit

Clients Feedback

Our Clients Reviews

Here is what our past clients have to say about working with Teheca



    These took good care of the my Dad, am glad to have chooses their service for my dad, forever grateful.


      Medical Doctor

      Thank you Asha, it has been nice working with you, your services are wonderful.


        Medical doctor

        Thank you Teheca, Thank you for Ruth(the nurse). she did an amazing job.