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Hello and Good Morning once again, welcome to Morning @NtV #Everyday life with me Mabel Kebirungi

The host kick started the show, in that minute i knew and felt it, Teheca ltd a start up with just one year and a few month below it’s belt had become a nation wide start up. Our name and services were going to be known all over the country and places beyond borders, of course NTV Uganda is online, so where ever you are you can watch its shows, that means if you probably watched us.

Being hosted on NTV Uganda was a great honour and privilege for us, as a start up company, that gave us the much needed publicity to tell the nation about our new services that we have introduced into the Ugandan  health space, we shall for ever be grateful to the whole NTV team and not only for show but also the encouraging words and support, both before and after the show, and most importantly believing in Teheca  and giving us a shot to tell the nation about our services and also encourage our fellow youth about entrepreneurship.

To most people our services may not be new to them, for those that have travelled abroad, you probably have used or seen other people take advantage of these services. Patient care services and Palliative care has been around the world for several years, only that it has never cut through into our own country.
We know that, with our growing economy more and more people are getting into employment and with 8 to 5 work plan which is probably the only source of income, there is no time for any other tasks like caring for a sick loved in hospital, caring for an elderly parent or special needs individuals. Forget the old days of calling a relative, they are probably in the same 8 to 5 boat with you, and then comes the inadequate staffing of our medical facilities, oh don’t forget we don’t have any elderly care facilities, plus where are special needs individual centres in our country? thats when TEHECA LTD steps in with our caring and compassionate care takers, of course they are trained and professionals too in these fields but we prefer to talk about there compassion for others before there academics.

Our Patient Care Services go beyond palliative care, do you have a loved one in hospital, health facility or at home and you can’t be there to take care of them, we can provide you a specialised care taker for your loved one to ensure that they get the best care,just like you would have, we pride ourselves on patient centred care, that’s why we use a one care taker per client principle.
On the other hand our Personal care aides are dedicated and caring professional individuals who look after the elderly, disabled and special needs individuals while you are away, they ensure they are fed, bathed and also give them the companionship plus so many other tasks.

so Don’t leave your loved ones unattended too, come chat with us and we see how together, we can care for your loved one.

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Interview with Mable @NTV CEO and MD at NTV ntvflyerPatient care aide2

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