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The aging process is very subtle at this life stage, and the changes are slow, if you’re with an elderly  person often you will not notice the change. However by mid-60 the changes are more noticeable physically.

Their bones become more brittle and more likely to break, joints become stiffer and more painful. Height is reduced and the spin may become rounded, also muscles become weaker. They are very vulnerable at attack the reason for this is probably because they are less able and stronger.

They may feel depressed because there life has lost there routine and it begins to stop their balance becomes impaired, taste and smell deteriorates. Hearing and sight start to fail, blood pressure can increase, the glands do not function so well, and they are more prone to health risk and infections.
Usually at this is age if an elderly has kids the kids have probably moved out and got a job and so they can spend their days doing things they have always wanted to do provided that they stay healthy and able. It is very important that the elderly gets the many needs such as convenient health, leisure facilities, companionship and help from a care worker;
The duties of a care taker are;

  1.  Monitor symptoms and ensure they take recommended medication as well as emphasis physician recommendations.
  2. Assist with personal care.
  3. Perform housekeeping tasks.
  4.  Provide emotional support.
  5. Manage difficult behaviors such as wandering, aggression, & hallucinations .
  6. Deal with healthcare providers.
  7. Coordinate care

Advantages of a care take.

  1. The elderly never feel abandoned with care takers presence.
  2. Relieves elderly from personal workloads e.g. cooking, bathing, washing, brushing, cleaning, bed making etc.
  3. The elderly get to maintain their old lifestyle.
  4. They get time for social interaction.
  5. Guaranteed they wont miss they medication.

and so many other advantages

Teheca was established with the main aim of providing support and care to our loved ones, and our dear elderly parents really need these services.

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