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Teheca Care Services

Teheca offers up to 24 hours of care for your loved ones. We can accommodate overnight care requests as well as temporary respite care to relieve family members who serve as primary caregivers.

Our goal is to provide the custom care that our clients desire and need. Our services will include:

Patient Care Services. We will assist clients with cooking, light-duty housekeeping and meal preparation while give support and assistance when client s are in the hospital and care takers during their stay

Elderly & Special Needs Care Services We will assist clients with bathing, dressing, eating and other hygiene needs. We also will provide companionship for a range of activities including low-impact exercising, board games, etc.

Post-Natal Care Services. Becoming a new mothers is an amazing experience. Enjoy all motherhood has to offer by allowing Teheca Care Services to serve as your support system. We can help with the extra work new motherhood brings.

Psychiatric Care Services. Psychiatric Care Services are a specialty of home care services in which psychiatric nurses, social workers, home care aides, and occupational therapists visit the patient with a psychiatric diagnosis in the patient’s own home.

Errand Management. We will assist clients with grocery shopping and managing personal errands such as picking up prescriptions, home maintenance supplies and other personal care items.

About Teheca

To a pregnant woman and new mother, Teheca is that one stop center that provides maternal and child health care information as well as qualified & caring healthcare providers who provide physical & emotional support and postnatal care services unlike any other platform, healthcare and social system.

We believe that the high mortality rate of mothers and newborn babies in developing and underdeveloped countries can be reduced by increasing access to maternal health information during pregnancy and increasing uptake of postnatal care after child birth for mothers, especially the first time mothers. Read More

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