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Serving or giving back to our community is one of Teheca ’s strong emphasis and priorities. In that line we encountered a situation that had to be addressed, Mr. Sseruuma Swaib 68, a resident of Gayaza, Kasangati got paralyzed earlier this year due to hypertension attack. He has been bedridden close to five months, currently he is under the care of one Salma his daughter who is a new  mother with a two months old baby , she had to abandon her vegetable vending business.


It’s quite challenging to take care of her loving father and her newborn who was diagnosed with hernia all at the same time given the limited resources. “The cooking, washing, feeding, the sick baby that needs special attention too…by the break of the day I am very tired like you can ever imagine” Said Salma.

This was brought to our attention by one of our community coordinators so our community support project team arranged to go give a hand.

It was a beautiful Sunday morning when TEHECA team arrived at Mr. Sseruuma’s residence comprising of our very own Dr. Hamzah, Hassan our PCA, Mrs. Lorna M head PCA and community coordinator, Asha and Tsaubah.

We do a number of activities like bathed the patient, cleaned his room, changed his catheter, prepared him a healthy meal, helped with the washing and had a moment to chat him up as we did physiotherapy which was the most important part of the day. By the time this was all done in the bright afternoon, our patient was smiling and couldn’t hide the happiness he felt.

What a fruitful day it was to serve the community with an impact!

TEHECA holds such activities every once a month because it is our responsibility to reach out to the needy people in our society by offering what we can or have. If you identify anyone in your community that needs this kind of service please do not hesitate to let us know through or 0703468558/0788307598.

Or lend a hand


We also offer paid for services if you need a patient care assistant for you or your loved ones please reach out to us.

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