Reading Time: 3 minutes The Maama Kit, also known as a clean delivery kit, is a regular kit, aimed at having mothers undergo safe and protective delivery in Uganda. The kit contains 500 grams of cotton wool, baby soap, Read more…" />
Reading Time: 3 minutes

The Maama Kit, also known as a clean delivery kit, is a regular kit, aimed at having mothers undergo safe and protective delivery in Uganda. The kit contains 500 grams of cotton wool, baby soap, two razor blades, two polythene sheets, two gauze pieces, 3 surgical gloves and an immunisation card.

The ministry of Health, on behalf of the government of Uganda, is committed to promoting a safe delivery by all mothers.In pursuance of this commitment, government provides funds, every financial year, to produce MAAMA kits to be provided FREE to all mothers who deliver from government facilities.( National Medical Stores, 2018). However, records have shown that due to the increasing number of mothers giving birth each year, the kits are not enough for all mothers delivering in public health facilities. Further still, mothers that are delivering from the private hospitals are not accounted for.

Teheca comes in to fill this gap by presenting the Teheca customised Prepared Mama Bag.

Teheca Prepared mama bag

Teheca has redesigned the traditional mama kit to a more kind of product for the millennial mothers at a cost of 120,000/= UGX -The Prepared Mama! A multipurpose  bag designed using the African fabric by our Local tailors, also serves as a light baby bag after delivery.

This is equipped with all the necessary material in the right quantities needed by all mothers to deliver safely. These include;

    • Cotton wool: For cleaning the vulva and padding after birth but this needs to be accompanied with gauze if used for padding.
    • Surgical blade:This is the medical recommendation  for cutting the cord from the placenta.
    • Cord ties: For tying the cord that was formerly connected to the placenta and and preventing bleeding from the cord
    • Surgical gloves: For the health worker’s safety to avoid contamination with blood
    • Plastic sheet 1: For the pregnant woman to lie on during and after delivery
    • Plastic sheet 2: To provide a clean surface for placing the items being used
    • Soap: Washing hands for the health worker
    • Diaper: A piece of cloth or absorbent material worn as underpants by a baby.

Umbi-gel: For baby cord care and hygiene

  • Child Growth Chart: This tracks the whole infant journey of receiving vaccines and immunisations up to the age of five i one place.

The Prepared mama plus: This has additional material compared to the one above and this comes with an extra fee of 120,000 UGX(32.46$). It has

  1. Gauze
  2. Normal Saline water
  3. Cotton towel
  4. Extra pairs of gloves
  5. A pack of diapers
  6. Baby Receivers
  7. Breast pads
  8. Teheca prepared mama bag

The prepared mama bag is playing a big role in improving the maternal reproductive health in Uganda by inclusion of men, how? Our biggest number of purchases are from expectant fathers buying the bag for their wives because they are sure of finding all the material needed to deliver in one place. The bag also contains the manual that the whole family can read to know the precautions in case the baby comes before they reach the hospital. 

This product has been Teheca’s greatest innovation so far as it has tapped into different categories of people all in line with saving our dear mothers of this country! Take an example of the trending “Baby showers” The prepared mama bag has been the most appreciated present. Its value and journey to mothers is just beginning, Teheca is dedicated to making it better by adding more valuable products through feedback from our users. We look forward to serving our customers better as well as saving the lives of mothers in Africa!

Compiled  by: Namugambe Asha
Edited by: Nabagesera Mildred 
For: Teheca



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