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The prepared mama bag for only Ugx 135,000 ($37), is a customised and customizable mama kit that contains items that a mother needs both in and out of the hospital to help facilitate a clean and safe delivery, the bag contains a generic mama kit which contains 500 grams of cotton wool, baby soap, two razor blades, two polythene sheets, two gauze pieces, 3 surgical gloves, and an immunization card.

On top of the items, we designed a specially made baby and mama bag that suites a mother like you, easy to carry, spacious to carry many baby items like bottles and maternity items, strong and durable to handle up to 20kgs of items, the collection is what we call a prepared mama bag.

Mothers and parents who need more items can make a special request and the Teheca team will shop and add the items into the prepared mama and have it delivered to your door step.

  • 1 Cotton wool 500mg
  • 1 Gauze sheets
  • 4 pairs of surgical gloves 
  • 2 pairs of examination gloves 
  • 1 Pair maternity pads
  • 1 cord tie
  • 1 surgical blade
  • 1 baby receiver(first sheet the baby is handled in)
  • 1 carry sheet(First sheet after the baby is cleaned)
  • 2 polythene(One for hospital use and other to lay on the bed to protect from staining)
  • 1 saline water for umbilical cord care in and out of hospital
  • 1 Immunisation card (MOH approved care)
  • 4 small size starter baby pampers 
  • 1 soap
  • 1 baby bag

Teheca comes in to fill this gap by presenting the Teheca customised Prepared Mama Bag.

This is equipped with all the necessary material in the right quantities needed by all mothers to deliver safely. These include;

  • Cotton wool: For cleaning the vulva and padding after birth but this needs to be accompanied with gauze if used for padding.
  • Surgical blade:This is the medical recommendation  for cutting the cord from the placenta.
  • Cord ties: For tying the cord that was formerly connected to the placenta and and preventing bleeding from the cord
  • Surgical gloves: For the health worker’s safety to avoid contamination with blood
  • Plastic sheet 1: For the pregnant woman to lie on during and after delivery
  • Plastic sheet 2: To provide a clean surface for placing the items being used
  • Soap: Washing hands for the health worker
  • Diaper: A piece of cloth or absorbent material worn as underpants by a baby.
  • Child Growth Chart: This tracks the whole infant journey of receiving vaccines and immunisations up to the age of five i one place.

The Prepared mama : This has additional material compared to the one above and this comes with an extra fee of 135,000 UGX(37$). It has

Are you looking for a perfect Baby Shower gift for a pregnant loved, the prepared mama is a perfect gift.


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