Pre and Post Natal Care Days SMS Reminders

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Within Uganda the importance of pre and postnatal care if often over looked, this leads to high complication rates in mothers and new-borns. Teheca aims to reduces this challenge by using an SMS system that send sms reminders to  the mothers of their appointments and the importance of going for these hospital checkups.

When the mothers attend these appointments they will be getting medical support from there birthing hospitals that will give their babies the best start in life and receiving lifesaving advice. These appointments are vital to go too as you and your baby’s health is important. The appointment will be anything from immunisation to checking up on the babies’ physical development if all of these days in the hospital are attended the possibility of complications are dramatically reduced.

Our team will send out these reminders to the mothers and they will be personalised to suit every indivual mother as no two births are the same. Mothers can join/subscribe to receive important day reminders either via Teheca app or via sms

We encourage mothers to ask their hospitals where they attend antenatal or postnatal care services to register them for these reminders so that they can attend. We understand that sometimes mothers maybe busy and forget to return to hospitals, we want to take the onus upon ourselves to remind you of the upcoming and missed days.

Incase of missed days, mothers have the option to request for an in home visit by a qualified care provider from Teheca’s team of health workers. Our focus it to ensure that mothers understand the importance of each scheduled day through maternal health education during antenatal and postnatal period, attend these days or better still receive the services scheduled for these appointment and in turn rise healthier babies.

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