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Bedside nursing care is doing assessments, administering medications, taking vitals, bathing clients, changing linens and providing information among many other activities all aimed at physical and emotional support to a patient and the family.

At Teheca, we use the word “Patient care assistants” to refer to our care team of qualified nurses and trained patient care aides who are responsible for taking care of a patient’s basic needs, whether they’re in a hospital, nursing facility or at home.

Our care team has great communication skills, compassion and patience to address any patient need that comes up.

Teheca bedside and patient care nursing services.


Patient care assistants Care usually responsible for providing support services to meet patients’ needs which can include catering  and transferring patients internally within hospital or health care environment.

Roles Of a Bedside nurse or Patient care assistant.

  • Takes vital signs and records this information on a medical chart
  • Assists with the collection of lab specimens
  • Transports patients to and from hospitals and examining rooms
  • Helps with bathing and grooming tasks
  • Assists patients who need help walking or standing
  • Communicates a patient’s needs to nurses and doctors as appropriate
  • Feeds patients, ensuring that any special dietary needs are strictly adhered to
  • Aids people in the use of any medical devices and equipment required for their specific condition
  • Assists individuals with taking medication when needed
  • Lifts patients in order to move them and prevent bedsores
  • Updates relief workers on any unusual situations that may need to be addressed during their shift

Teheca PCAs work as a team with excellent communication skills and work under supervision and highly maintain patient confidentiality with a friendly and care approach. PCAs at Teheca work in shifts so as to deliver the best patient centred care

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