Micro-cluster Postnatal Care Services

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Postnatal care services is important for mothers and we at Teheca understand this, to enable all mothers access these services, we came up with a solution to group mothers based on location, connect them to partner health centre or clinic so that they can access the same services at subsidised cost, this we called it Micro-cluster postnatal services

Talking to mothers about Postnatal care services and challenges they face accessing them, the biggest was returning to hospitals and having to wait before they care can receive attention, the mothers also hinted on the long distance between them and health centres.

Micro-clusters not only help mothers access postnatal care services timely and conveniently but also allow for development of sense community among the mothers grouped together, peer to peer support and exchange of knowledge amongst the mothers.

Grouping small numbers of mothers to access postnatal care services allows for ample time between the health worker and mothers which gives the chance for the mothers to ask and a learn about the different challenges which they would otherwise miss out.

Micro clusters also help increase revenue for partner clinics and services centres  as we take upon our selves to educate mothers about the importance of postnatal care services and in turn ensure mothers take the services, we direct mothers to  partner hospital at the end of it all. To join our partner hospitals Kindly fill in the form below.


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