Maternal Health Education.

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At Teheca, we believe that maternal health education improves Health, while health improves learning potential.Together, Education and health complement,enhance and support each other.

Through interactive SMS and blog posts , we are able to avail a  new mother with information and health tips that she requires to effectively take care of herself and her newborn during postnatal period. SMS and Blogs enable  safe motherhood practices as the mother is able to channel her concerns and challenges directly to our health team. In return, she will be provided with timely feedback. This  not only helps bridge the gap between a mother at home and her health provider but also ensures a smooth transition into motherhood.

As soon a woman realises that she is pregnant, they immediately start looking for information on how to care for themselves and the baby as well as prepare for the arrive of the  new born, the internet is filled with a lot of resources inline but also sometimes has wrong information and some information may not be applicable to the mothers.

We want to be that go to sources for information for mothers about anything maternal health related, from the time they realise they are pregnant to the time when she is out of the postnatal period. As of now mothers can join our online community on Teheca mamas community on facebook to get access to shared content and experience from fellow mothers.

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