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Pregnancy is a beautiful stage in a woman’s life. In this modern era where a majority of women work full time, the moment they realise that they are pregnant the question which often echoes in their mind is ‘’how will I get back to work once I have a baby and how can I have a work life balance??”

Yes, we do agree that it’s an important question, but you need not panic and be sleep deprived just pondering about the same. For everything there is a solution. The most important factor will be to have a proper time management. It is very important to spend time with your baby and it is important to work and earn too.

Here, our concept should revolve around the idea of quality time spent not the quantity of time. You can spend 20 hrs with your baby where you will be literally spending time with your gadgets and the baby will be with you but may be left unattended because everybody will have a desire to have their own time and space. On the other hand, think of a scenario where you are spending only 5 to 6 hours with your baby but always involved in his/her activities, pampering him/her and becoming a part of his world.

What we mean to say is, you need not feel disappointed and depressed thinking that you are not spending time with your baby. By spending undivided quality time with them you will become their heroes.

Thankfully, the government too has made it easier now with increasing the paid leave to 6 months from earlier 6 weeks. This is a golden opportunity especially for those for whom it is essential to work. Take that opportunity to spend the best time taking care of yourself and the baby rather than feeling anxious and guilty over leaving the child behind when you will start working.

Once the time arises to get back to work, we have listed some common things that everyone can follow to have a better work life balance after delivery:

  1. Have a healthy diet 

    From pre-natal period onward you should indulge in a healthy diet so that you can be healthy after the delivery too and you will have enough energy to be back to work. Some of the preferred food items are little millet, foxtail millet, ragi, whole wheat, brown rice, green leafy vegetables, pulses, bananas, apples, kiwi, pomegranates, soaked dry fruits, small fish, nati eggs, nati chicken, mutton, quail etc.

  2. Always address your health queries properly.

    Always address your health queries properly even if it is a back pain, headache, menstrual complaints etc. because once you go to the dual role of a home maker mother and a working professional even these small things can create chaos in your work life balance. If you are a member of Sangopan group, you can reach out to our doctors online in case of any queries and if not, seek the help of your family doctor or gynaecologist. Here, in Sangopan we have a particular diet plan and chart of internal medications (herbal) and regimens to be followed to ensure good health postpartum.

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  3. Make sure to develop a regular and a healthy eating pattern for your baby.

    If they have a fixed timing even if we are leaving them in day care, with nannies or even with grandparents, we can provide proper instructions to the care takers regarding the food timings and it will not create any disturbance for the baby.

  4. It is always good for the baby to be on breastmilk if you have enough.

    But make sure that the expressed breast milk is stored hygienically in refrigerator and it is fed to your baby by bringing it to a room temperature by double boiling it in hot water. Also, it is good to inculcate the practice of feeding the babies with silver spoons or silver palada because silver possesses 100% antibacterial qualities contrary to nipples and require less maintenance. Also, once used to nipple, weaning is very difficult after the age of 3 to 5 years also.

  5. Get Extra help from baby care taker.

    Don’t hesitate to have an extra paid help apart from baby care taker. If you don’t, then you may be able to save a little but if you are doing everything by yourself you may not get enough time to spend with your baby and also physical tiredness will wear you out which will end up in emotional crisis too.

  6. Ask fro help from your kith and kin.

    When you feel week or low, never hesitate to ask help from your kith and kin. Time will change everything. Your kid will grow up. Till then, accept that you are into a slightly vulnerable state and keep aside your ego in asking for help.

  7. Take  supplements and medications religiously.

    Take your pre and post-natal supplements and medications religiously that have been prescribed by your doctor. It is for your good health.

  8. Always remember that you have God’s precious gift with you.

    When you are back to work you may not be in pre-pregnancy shape. No worries, you can get it back a little later but always remember that you have God’s precious gift with you. When you worry about the stretch marks and bulging tummy, be aware of the fact that someone in some corner of the world is praying to God to have that.

  9. Relocate to a place that is nearer to your work place.

    If you are in a position to relocate to a place that is nearer to your work place, please plan accordingly and do that as you can come and feed the baby during your lunch break and can reach home in case of any emergency. Also it will reduce the stress of travel.

  10. Carry your work home.

    You can try for complete work from options or partial work from home options too if that flexibility is available in your company.

  11. Go for a walk with your baby.

    Once you are back home, go for a walk with your baby. It will be good for you as well as your baby.

  12. Prevention is always better that cure.

    Another major issue that you will have to face is when the baby falls sick. Prevention is always better that cure. Always maintain hygiene. To prevent them from having cold and cough and other common illnesses, resort to home remedies like tulsi, brahmi, ginger, honey etc. Administer Swarnaprasana to enhance the immunity. Provide vaccinations at proper time.

In the worst case scenario, even after all these measures if the baby falls sick, be prepared, be patient, discuss with your supervisor and take leave without regrets.

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