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After 9 months of carrying the baby in the womb, you need to deliver the baby either through normal delivery or through C- section (Caesarean section). Caesarean section is generally done by making surgical incision in your abdomen and uterus. C-section is done when you don’t experience labor normally and when there is a high risk of danger to yours and baby’s life.

While delivering the baby through a C-section, two incisions are made surgically. First incision is done in the abdominal wall and the second in the uterus. These surgical incisions are made after giving anesthesia. It takes a longer time to recover when compared to the normal delivery of the baby.

Tips for fast recovery after a C-section

After C-section you need to be very careful as you will take longer time to recover due to the incisions made in your abdomen and uterus. There are few simple tips you need to keep in my mind for fast recovery after a C-section and they are:

  • Take rest

Taking plenty of rest is necessary after a C-section as your body needs time to recovery after a major surgery.  Your gynecologist will suggest you to stay in hospital for 3-4 days or more if any complications. Your body will take around six weeks to completely heal.

It is recommended for you to take rest with your baby because you need to take complete care of your baby and yourself. Rescheduling your sleep timings according to your baby will help you in taking rest for a longer time without disturbance.

  • Be gentle with your body

After the surgery you need to be extremely gentle with your body. It is recommended to avoid physical activities like moving around at home and up and down stairs. It takes around 8 weeks for you to get back to your normal routine.  Try to avoid strenuous exercise till you completely recover. Gentle walking is recommended while recovering after the surgery.

  • Have a nutritious diet

Apart from rest you need to have a healthy nutritious diet post surgery to recover faster. Healthy and nutritious diet is necessary for you as you need to breastfeed your baby and heal simultaneously.

Drinking plenty of water helps in boosting breast milk supply continuously and also avoids constipation.

  • Take pain relieving medication

Taking pain relieving medicines after consulting your doctor can help you in avoiding discomfort and pain caused after the surgery. Heating pad can also be used on the surgical site to avoid discomfort.

Postnatal care services are highly recommended for you and your baby’s health. Postpartum care services helps in recovering in a short span after the surgery and reduces pain and discomfort during the regular daily activities. If you would like to  have  such services you can contact Teheca, the famous postnatal care service provider in Uganda.


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