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Who we are:

We believe that the high mortality rate of mothers and newborn babies in developing and underdeveloped countries can be reduced by increasing access to maternal health  information during pregnancy and increasing uptake of postnatal care after child birth , especially the first time mothers.

Our origin dates back to 2015 when our mentor a leading village health care team member passed down to us the vision for an alternative health care workforce source in Uganda, Teheca has since evolved to focus on  increasing uptake of postnatal care services by mothers not only in Uganda but the whole of sub Saharan Africa through education of mothers via mobile applications like SMS, USSD, smartphone application and social media about its importances as well as coming up with new and convenient ways for mothers to access it.

Legal Status

Teheca is a registered limited liability company(2016) founded by a team of  Ugandan youth with the focus of making health care services and information more  accessible to everyone especially women and mothers. Our company rose from the need to provide each unique individual, a tailored care plan that best suites them,  to help them in the recovery process and state of the health care system in our country.

The Problem:

Healthcare is the most important industry in the world and even more so in Africa with an estimated 1.2 billion people. Each year at least 1.16 million newborns die in sub-Saharan Africa within the first 28 days of life yet more than two thirds of these infants could be saved with low cost, low tech action. Through our findings from mothers in Uganda, there is;

  • High mortality rates of mothers and babies
  • Mothers are discharged sooner than recommended stay in hospital after giving birth
  • Low postnatal care uptake among mothers
  • Lack of knowledge and information about what is entailed in postnatal care
  • Bad experiences in health centers and hospital


To increase uptake of postnatal care services through availing useful maternal health information, products and services so as to reduce high mortality rates of mothers and newborns in developing countries.

Our Purpose:

To avail useful maternal health information, products and postnatal care services to mothers of all social classes.

Company Objectives:

  • To avail useful maternal health information to all mothers using low cost/low tech solutions
  • To promote safe delivery through providing maternal health products
  • To deliver efficient,flexible and reliable postnatal care services at affordable costs.
  • To increase uptake of postnatal care services


To become the one stop centre for all maternal health care needs for mothers.

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